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Francisco Pulido

Francisco Pulido

Francisco Pulido Photographer


Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography
April 22 - May 13, 2014
Reception: Thursday May 1, 2014 6-8 PM
Press Release

Contemporary photographer Francisco Pulido’s photographic prints on paper incorporate various techniques. Having grown up near rivers and mountains in his native Mexico, the artist developed a strong and tender affection for nature and landscape which saturates these stunning compositions. Able to work equally well from a micro and macro frame, the delight of these works is the way in which the artist so expertly captures the infinite sublime and the minute details of life. Having traveled near and far to capture the most striking views and stunning earthly splendors, his photos paint a global picture of sorts, including images of Puerto Rico, Holland and beyond. Whether expressive of exotic plant and animal life, classic architecture or traditional landscape, Francisco Pulido’s trained eye and fastidious attention to detail makes these works truly memorable.

Francisco Pulido was born in Victoria City, Tamaulipas State, Mexico and currently lives and works in Dallas, Texas. A proud member of the 1997 "La pluma del Ganso" Mexico City artist group, to this day Francisco Pulido remains heavily influenced by the vibrant spirit of creativity characteristic of his Mexican homeland.



IMG_0106 PASEO DE LA PRINCESA by Francisco Pulido


IMG 0023 FLOR EN ROJO DETALLE by Francisco Pulido


00302 detail by Francisco Pulido


00704 vulcanos mexico by Francisco Pulido


0016 WHITE ROCK LAKE DALLAS TEXAS by Francisco Pulido


Garita en Atardecer by Francisco Pulido


Camino en Volcan Nevado de Toluca by Francisco Pulido


ISLA DE LEPROSOS by Francisco Pulido


Nevado de Toluca Mexico II by Francisco Pulido


Nevado de Toluca Mexico by Francisco Pulido


Tulipan Amarillo by Francisco Pulido


Iguana by Francisco Pulido


Puerta en el Viejo San Juan by Francisco Pulido


Bailarina en Rosas by Francisco Pulido


Hippy by Francisco Pulido


Flor Encendida Detalle by Francisco Pulido


Faro Museo de Rotterdam Holland by Francisco Pulido


Vista de la Garita by Francisco Pulido